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Martini Henry Markings on Metal

Barrel Star
On December 6th 1883, Barrels which had been previously lapped out and passed the shooting accura..
Brmingham Repair Mark
The Royal Small Arms repair factory was on Bagot Street, Birmingham, known locally as "the Tower"..
Drill Purpose Mark
DP. is standard marking for rifles usually condemend or de-activated to drill purpose in Militia ..
Proof Markings
Prior to the barrel being mated with the action it needed proofing to ensure its stability, at En..
Serial Numbers
All military Martinis manufacturered for the Government will have a serial number. Enfields seria..
Understanding Receiver Markings
Top:  Queens Royal Cypher  (Queens Crown) 2nd Top: Victoria Regina.  Queen Vic..
S-X Mark
Introduced on 27th June 1885, a new heavier strengthened extractor was retro fitted to most rifle..