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Martini Henry Accessories & Tools

Implement Action
Martini Henry Action Implement: The Martini henry rifle was supplied with its own multi-tool, whi..
Tube Aiming Morris
  The Army and Navy accepted a Sub calibre conversion  for the Martini Henry on 14 ..
Muzzle protector Mk1
  The Mk1 Brass muzzle protector was introduced in 1874, to protect the front sight from..
Auxiliary Sight Aiming
Introduced in LOC §3336, 26th March 1878. The Auxilliary sight allowed a musketry instructor to s..
Jag Martini Henry
Left  Image Jag MkI. : Introduced into service with the Mk1 Rifle in 1874, the jag Mk1 h..
Muzzle and foresight protector MkII
  The Mk2 Brass muzzle protector was introduced  § 2928 on On 26th Feb 1876, as the..
Muzzle and Foresight Protector MkIII
The MKIII Muzzle protector was introduced on December 10th 1885, this pattern had no hole in the ..
Muzzle protector IC1 Carbine
Mk1 & Mk2 Brass Carbine Muzzle protector Introduced 24th September 1877, the protector had a ..
Gauge Action Rifle Mk2
On 30th March 1876 LOC 2952, the “Gauge action”, was introduced, listed officially in the Enfield..
Cleaning Rod Mk1
Introduced in § 2659  17 July 1974 The "bulb" ended clearing rod was the standard pattern ro..
Cleaning Rod Mk1 Converted
On 29th February 1876, a general list of Change was issed to order the conversion of the Mk1 "Bul..
Cleaning Rod MkII
On 23rd June 1876, the sucess of the Mk1 converted rod led to a new design. The Mk2 cleaning rog ..
Cleaning Rod Mk1V
The origins of the cleaning rod Mk1V can be traced to the trials of the Enfield Martini pattern B..
Cleaning Rod Martini Metford Mk1
With the introduction of the Magazine Lee Metford Rifle Mk1, a new pattern jag had been designed ..
Cleaning rod IC1 Cavalry Carbine
The clearing rod for the Cavalry carbine had a bulbous end to ensure the muzzle of the carbine wo..