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Martini Markings on Wood

Second Class mark
A common marking on wood and metal is the number 2, denoting an arm passed into the second class...
Condemned Arm
Rifles and Carbines that had been withdrawn from service, often were used as drill arms, and were..
Colonial Sale or Government Disposal mark
Service Arms  sold by the Government to Dominion or Empire Governments were marked with oppo..
Morris tube fitted
With the adoption of the Morris Aiming tube, rifles and carbines unfit for second class reserve were..
Regimental Stock  Marks
The Regimental markings  on the stocks  of  Martini Henrys can be classified into ..
Manufacturers Roundels and Mark Classification : Enfield
The principal Small arms factory was the Government Establishment a Enfield. During the lifespan ..
Weedon Markings
The Royal Small Arms store was sited at Weedon Bec, near Northampton. Weedon contained 375,000 Ma..
Birmingham Repair Roundel
The Government small arms repair facility was sited on Bagot Street in Birmingham, known as the "..
Indian Arsenal Roundel
Throughout India, from 1894, large stocks of Martini Henry's were stored, these arsenals marked t..