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Bayonet Band Cross pin Original Blued
Original blued steel cross pin dowel for fixing the bayonet top band onto the barrel of MkI, MkII..
Ex Tax: £9.95
Bayonet Scabbard Replica common Long socket.( No Bayonet)
These are superb replica leather and brass bayonet scabbards for the Common Long socket bayonet (P1..
Ex Tax: £45.95
Beeswax Block 1lb
1lb (.454kg) Purified beeswax block. Ideal for bullet lube, cookies and lead fluxing. ..
Ex Tax: £12.95
Breech Block E-M & Mk1V pattern
Original MK1V breech block for Martini Henry MK1V long lever rifles.  ..
Ex Tax: £44.95
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Breech block pattern '74 MkII rifle & MkII Artillery Carbine
Post 1875 Mk2 breech block with tumbler clearance slot. W^D marked. Block only. Will fit Mk2 Mart..
Ex Tax: £38.95
Breech block pattern '74 MkIII
MkIII blocks interchange with Mk3 rifles and IC1 carbines. W^D marked. MkIII locking nuts & f..
Ex Tax: £44.95
Breech Block pattern 74 only Mk I pattern with serial numbers S-B.
Original Mk1 breech bocks, c/w serial numbers. Blued. S-B (Strengthened striker) marked on the ax..
Ex Tax: £44.95
Bullet Mould handles
Mould handles to suit all our Brass and Aluminium bullet moulds. Hardwood grips. ..
Ex Tax: £19.99
Replica buttplate for the Mk2 & 3 rifle. ..
Ex Tax: £48.50
Butt plate Mk1 rifle Chequer pattern Grade 1
Original Chequer buttplate for the Mk1 rifle. Chequer was ommitted in 1876 with the MkII rilfe wh..
Ex Tax: £49.95
Butt plate screws Brass Martini Henry Mk IV (Pair) original
Original raised and countersunk brass buttplate screws to suit MkIV rifle ..
Ex Tax: £12.95
Butt plate screws Martini Henry (Pair) original
Original raised and countersunk steel buttplate screws (all  rifle and carbine models) good ..
Ex Tax: £13.95
Butt plate steel for Mk2-3 rifles and all carbines
Original steel buttplate good condition ..
Ex Tax: £59.95
Butt plate steel Mk1V rifle
Original steel butt plate for Martini Hanry Mk1V rifle ..
Ex Tax: £59.95
Butt Stock MkIV (Long Lever) Original UK SALES ONLY
These are original Martini Henry MkIV butt stocks. They have a host of original markings and have th..
Ex Tax: £109.00