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Paper Patch cutting template to suit 500456 .456" PP mould
A 2mm thick brass cutting template to suit the .456" paper patched bullet. With cotton fibre pape..
Ex Tax: £9.95
Polo Shirt Navy Blue Martini Henry Society
Go out in style in our Martini Henry Society Navy 65/35 mix polo shirts, embroidered in old gold ..
Ex Tax: £9.95
Receiver MkIV only various 1880's dates
Original MkIV rifle receiver RSAF Enfield marked dated 1886-1888  ..
Ex Tax: £44.95
Receiver only  MkII Ordnance pattern
Original MkII rifle receivers, various military proofs & markings mixed LSA, Enfield manufacture...
Ex Tax: £44.95
Reloader Starter Kit (UK & Europe only Sale)
A one off special offer. 1 Only ;A complete reloaded starter pack for the Martini Enthusiast. Brand ..
Ex Tax: £399.99
Screw middle barrel band
Badaley band screws for barrel bands all models. n.b threads good, some screwdriver slots may sho..
Ex Tax: £8.50
Screw Receiver locking Martini Henry all models
This is the original locking screw for the cocking indicator all models. original A1 condition ..
Ex Tax: £12.95
Screw trigger retaining
Trigger axis machine screw for retaining trigger in the trigger guard. ..
Ex Tax: £9.95
Screw Trigger spring retaining Martini Henry Carbine
The longer trigger spring retaining screw for carbines with no trigger guard sling swivel ..
Ex Tax: £6.95
Screw Trigger Spring Retaining Martini Henry rifles all models
Original trigger spring screw for rifles with sling swivel (the screw is shorter).  ..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Sight barleycorn original Mki-MkIII rifles blued
This is an original and un-issed spare Martini Henry Barrel foresight barleycorn on its base, sui..
Ex Tax: £24.95
Sight barleycorn original MkIV rifles pattern B & C
This is an original and issed spare Martini Henry Barrel foresight barleycorn for the MkIV rifle ..
Ex Tax: £19.95
Sight ladder axis pin
Original cross pin for fixing sight ladder to sight ladder bed all models ..
Ex Tax: £3.95
Sight Ladder bed MkIII pattern Unmarked
Unmarked whitworth pattern sight ladder bed, will fit Military and comercial Martini Henry .450" ..
Ex Tax: £44.95
Sight ladder cap MkII-MKIV undrilled
Sight ladder cap for MkII-MkIV rifles, these are original spares which have not been yet drilled ..
Ex Tax: £9.95