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Extractor Martini Henry MkII  577/450 ordnance marked
This is the 1877 parrallel base extractor for the MkII & Early MkIII rifle. Replaced in 1885 with..
Ex Tax: £34.95
Extractor Nepalese M1878 Fancotte Martini 577/450
This is the Nepal made parrallel base extractor for the M1878 Francotte Martini, similar in desig..
Ex Tax: £22.95
Extractor retaining axis cross screw all models
Original 1/4 whitworth extractor axis screw. Locks extractor into action through the reciever and..
Ex Tax: £14.95
Firing Pin Martini Henry Mk1 & MkII rifle only .
Martini Henry MkII firing pin, will suite pattern '74 Mk1 converted breech blocks (with serial nu..
Ex Tax: £38.95
Firing Pin MkIII/MkIV Martini Henry
Original Martini Henry cylindrical MkIII firing pin, to suit all rifles and carbines MkIII, Mk1V,..
Ex Tax: £39.95
Forend /Barrel  band cross pin Original Blued
Original blued steel cross pin dowels set for fixng the fore-end stock wood onto the barrel lug h..
Ex Tax: £9.95
Forend and Bayonet band cross pin set Original Blued
Origianl steel cross pin dowels set for fixng the fore-end stock wood onto the MkI/II rifle, MkII..
Ex Tax: £19.95
Forend cap and screw for Nepalese M1878 Francotte or Gahendra Rifle
This is an original forend cap manufactured for the Nepalese Gahendra and Francotte Martini. Barr..
Ex Tax: £10.95
Forend nosecap and screw for Mk1-3 rifle W^D marked
Ex Tax: £24.95
Forend Nosecap for Mk1V long lever rifle
Original forend nosecap for the Mk4 rifle. ..
Ex Tax: £24.95
Forend Stud MkII rifles & MkII Artillery carbines
Original forend studs,Fixes into the mortice slot in the fore-end. This steel plate tensions the ..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Jag Gahendra and Francotte Martini steel
Original steel P1883 jag to suit Nepalese made Gahendra and Francotte type Martini rifles. good c..
Ex Tax: £17.95
Jag Martini Henry Mk1 pattern original
Original Martini Henry Mk1 jag, 1874 pattern, discontinued 1876. Some markings ..
Ex Tax: £35.95
Jag Martini Henry Mk2 also Enfield Mk1 revolver brass **new lower price**
Original Martini Henry rotating brass Jag Mk2 intoduced 1876. ..
Ex Tax: £29.95
Jag Martini Henry MkIII steel W^D marked
Original steel P1883 Mk3 Martini Henry jag with W^D arrow ..
Ex Tax: £29.95