Original Parts

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Jag Martini Henry Mk2 also Enfield Mk1 revolver brass **new lower price**
Original Martini Henry rotating brass Jag Mk2 intoduced 1876. ..
Ex Tax: £29.95
Jag Martini Henry MkIII steel W^D marked
Original steel P1883 Mk3 Martini Henry jag with W^D arrow ..
Ex Tax: £29.95
Lever Short Martini Henry ordnance marked for Mk I, II, III, VI and carbines
Original short levers for all Martini models except Mk IV.  Good condition with war departme..
Ex Tax: £28.50
Locking screw for Breech block stop nut domed top
Original domed locking screw for breech block stop nut ..
Ex Tax: £12.95
Mainspring Martini Henry  original
Original C19th mainsprings for Martini Henry rifles, due to age full strengh cannot be guaranteed..
Ex Tax: £29.95
Martini Martini Henry Mk1V long lever
Original long lever for all Mk1V rifles. ..
Ex Tax: £24.95
Muzzle and Foresight protector MkIII Original
This is the original brass Martini Henry rifle muzzle and foresight protector intorduced in 1885...
Ex Tax: £34.95
Oil Bottle Brass original for Martini Henry and Snider
An original early pattern Oil bottle with dibber. Very good condition. These oilers date circa 18..
Ex Tax: £36.95
Receiver MkIV only various 1880's dates
Original MkIV rifle receiver RSAF Enfield marked dated 1886-1888  ..
Ex Tax: £44.95
Receiver only  MkII Ordnance pattern
Original MkII rifle receivers, various military proofs & markings mixed LSA, Enfield manufacture...
Ex Tax: £44.95
Screw middle barrel band
Badaley band screws for barrel bands all models. n.b threads good, some screwdriver slots may sho..
Ex Tax: £8.50
Screw Receiver locking Martini Henry all models
This is the original locking screw for the cocking indicator all models. original A1 condition ..
Ex Tax: £12.95
Screw trigger retaining
Trigger axis machine screw for retaining trigger in the trigger guard. ..
Ex Tax: £9.95
Screw Trigger spring retaining Martini Henry Carbine
The longer trigger spring retaining screw for carbines with no trigger guard sling swivel ..
Ex Tax: £6.95
Screw Trigger Spring Retaining Martini Henry rifles all models
Original trigger spring screw for rifles with sling swivel (the screw is shorter).  ..
Ex Tax: £4.95