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Martini Henry Rifle MkV (Martini Metford Mk1)
Martini Henry Rifle MkV (Martini Metford Mk1)

Martini Henry Rifle MkV (Martini Metford Mk1)

Weapon Specification
Calibre .303 Metford
Date of Approval Pattern Sealed 30 July 1889
Length 4' 1.75”
Weight 9lb 5oz
Weapon Overview

The Martini Metford Mk1 was originally sealed as the Martini Henry MkV in .303” Calibre on the 30.7.1889. Only the pattern arm was made, with the Lewes V notch Pattern fore sight. The rifle was approved on specification 77/18/2068 Feb 18th & 1890 sighted for black powder. The rifling utilized was seven shallow groove Metford pattern, as a result the name “Henry” was dropped from the Nomenclature and re-designated Martini Metford. Sighting on the rifle was graduated to 1,900 yards.


The M-M Mk 1 rifle incorporated the “Rigby” pattern nosecap arrangement for the Pattern 1888 sword bayonet as used on the Lee metford Mk1, A hole was incorporated for the clearing rod, which whilst having the same end as the Lee Metford Rifle is 3” 75mm longer and there is two top swivels, a loop swivel for a sling and an open “piling swivel” for the stacking of arms.

The original proposal was to convert the Martini Henry MkIII’s that had been issued to the Home Counties Volunteers when they exchanged their rifles for the MkIV, however this change was not executed.

There are two variants’

Type 1) Converisons of MkIII rifles fitted with new .303 beech blocks and extractors, limited quantities. Receivers carry the existing MkIII classification.

Type 2) New made rifles by the Birmingham Small Arms company, these are similar to the type 1 rifle, except the sight ladder is a barleycorn on a block, and noticeably a hinge butt trap in the delta metal stock, which holds a pull through and oil bottle housing. Marking on the receiver is BSA & M Co, 1894 and 1. 200 were made for South Australia, with Sight graduations are for cordite.

Type 3) Western Australia pattern: W.A. ordered 700 M-M Mk1 on 12th April 1894 to the BSA company with sighting for black powder and a brass buttplate and trapdoor.