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Martini Enfield Rifle MkI
Martini Enfield Rifle MkI Martini Enfield Rifle MkI

Martini Enfield Rifle MkI

Weapon Specification
Calibre Calibre .303” Enfield 5 groove.
Date of Approval 5th February 1896
Length Length 46.5” (118 cm)
Weight Weight 8lb 7oz
Weapon Overview


Converted from MKIII mother rifle, the barrel length was the same as the Lee Enfield MkII  Magazine rifle.  Due to the introduction of Cordite propellant, The shallow Metford rifling was found to be exhausted after approx. 5000 rounds due to the higher velocity and heat increase.

The fore-end is fitted with the metal hook plate as found on the MkIII rifle, however barrel length is 30.2” (76.5cm) long, and of a lightweight profile. Sighting is via a 1800 yard leaf. The fore-sight is a traditional berlecorn on block.

The M-E Mk has the same wooden handguard as fitted to the Magazine Lee Enfield rifle, except held by a single spring clip.

Unusually the M-E was designed to accept a bushed patern 1876 22” bayonet, with a raised hump to clear the foresight, when fitted the bayonet is slung underneath (not side) of the barrel.

Markings: Right  hand V.R III, left hand V.R M.E .303, I.

48,000 manufactured by Enfield 5th July 1895

Variant ** 200 M-E Mk1 manufactured by Enfield under contract for Western Australia on 27 August 1897, specifically with the “Rigby” pattern nosecap, and sighted for Black powder. This rifle accepted the P1888 sword bayonet.


An additional 39,000 rifles had been ordered for Canada, but cancelled in favour of 40,000 Magazine Lee Enfield rifles.