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Martini Henry .450" MkIV Pattern A
Martini Henry .450" MkIV Pattern A Martini Henry .450" MkIV Pattern A Martini Henry .450" MkIV Pattern A

Martini Henry .450" MkIV Pattern A

Weapon Specification
Calibre .577/.450 HENRY
Date of Approval 15th September 1887
Length 49.5" (125.7cm)
Weight 8lb 15oz
Weapon Overview

On 15th Sept 1887, the first conversion was offered and the sealed pattern laid of the new MkIV rifle, a mongrel adaption of the existing Enfield Martini MkI pattern A. Gone was the safety catch and the quick loader, indeed all the Enfield Martini Pattern A, receivers had to be scrapped as the existing drill holes and boring rendered them unfit for conversion. Those barrels already in production, or fitted to arms were, re-bored and re-rifled with traditional Henry rifling at Enfield and Sparkbrook. The completed re-assembled arm required a re-proof of the barrels integrity, testimony to this action, two distinct lines of proof markings, firstly the .402” then the latter .450” proof.

The success of enhanced extraction of the longer lever of the Enfield Martini Pattern B rifle was readily adopted for all MkIV patterns, those existing Enfield –Martini A pattern walnut stocks required the brass stock cup re-siting to correspond with the long levers’ tip. The process required a fresh recess hole to be drilled and the cup re-set. A purpose made wooden plug was glued into the hole completing the process. As the stocks were all removed there is no consistency as which stock was fitted to A or B pattern, so they will be found on any pattern. Wherever possible the old components were re-used, and the “E-M” designation originally marked on many of the parts betrays today it’s original pedigree often scored through thus: E-M . The A pattern trigger assembly, designed to accept the E-M’s safety was reamed to remove the original configuration, whilst Receivers and butt stocks of the old pattern had an extra Roman numeral “V” stamped alongside the original “I”, whilst newly made but un-used components have a distinctive “IV” classification. A new pattern clearing rod, designed to spring into place and to be suitable with use of the new steel jag was installed and the nosecap was redesigned, however it was decided to retain to old pattern Barleycorn on Block foresight on the pattern “A”.



Martini Henry Pattern A Conversion of Enfield Martini Pattern A

Unique Features

1) Barleycorn on block front sight

2) Short knocks-form with a small blanking panel fitted

3) Additional ‘V” stamped to receiver and stock

4) Two rows of proofing marks under barrel

5) Re-configured block with E-M marking


The “buckhorn” rear battle sight of the Enfield Martini was removed and a small panel was brazed into place on to repair the knocks form, to complete the aiming adjustment, conventional .450” black powder graduated sighting leaf from the MkIII was fitted., The new MkIV was re-stocked with the old MkIII pattern fore-wood and the traditional side fixed bayonet bar was re-installed, whilst the Enfield Martini’s wooden hand guard was dispensed with in the process.