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Cartridge Ball .303 MkII

Cartridge Ball .303 MkII

Weapon Specification
Date of Approval 1888
Weapon Overview

In 1888 with the trials and adoption of the Magazine Lee Metford Mk1 rifle, a new .303" calibre cartridge was introduced,firing a cupro-nickle jacketed lead bullet. The initial powder charge was a compresses 72 grain black powder charge, known as the Mk1.In 1890 the cartridge was updated with a heavier base, and nominated MkII. The cartridge was designed for use in both Lee and Martini arms,however in 1891 Cordite smokeless ammunition was introduced, this ammunition eroded the shallow grove Metford rifled bore, as a result Lee arms were fitted with Enfield designed rifling, and subsequently martini Arms too were fitted with Enfield rifled barrels. The Mk2 black powder rounds were still in large scale colonial use into 1897. Shown here alongside Mk3 .577/.450" service carbine cartridge.