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Serial Numbers
Serial Numbers Serial Numbers Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers

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All military Martinis manufacturered for the Government will have a serial number. Enfields serial numbers ran A1000- ascending to A99999, then after ascending alpha-numerically such from AA1000 to AA99999 and so on.  The serial numbers were used in two ways by the RSAF and the RSARF. Firstly to match components together that had been paired and proofed, i.e Barrel to Breech, then lattery when the rifle went in for repair at the Tower or Weedon to ensure they were re-matched after maintenance and for book keeping records.

Common Serial number locations on rifles MkII onwards from 1876

  1. Barrel: Stamped on the Underside of Knocks form or in first up 4" (100mm) from the receiver.* and dated (true date)
  2. Receiver: Stamped on front face.
  3. Sight ladder: Stamped **

Serial numbers, additional unique to .450" MkI rilfes

  1. Underside face of lever.
  2. Left hand side of breech block.
  3. Side of trigger guard

*  On some MkIV pattern B & C rifles and some South Australia contract Martinis, the serial number will be exposed stamped on the knocks-form and or on the side of the right side of the receiver.

** On converted .303" rifles and carbines, two serial numbers will be found here, the original serial number from the .450" donor receiver, then the new .303" paired barrel number.