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Cleaning Rod Mk1

Cleaning Rod Mk1

Weapon Specification
Date of Approval 17th July 1874 conversion to cam 24th Sept 1873
Length 32.75" overall
Weapon Overview

Introduced in § 2659  17 July 1974 The "bulb" ended clearing rod was the standard pattern rod supplied with the service Mk1 MH .450" rilfe. The rod originally had a lipped swelled egde which required the rod to be pulled away fron the nose cap spring, It attracted criticism as it often cut the bore of the rifle when being used wth the Jag. On 25th September 1873, the design was altered and a small cam was added to the swell, now the rod had to be rotated to the "flat" spot to clear the spring and it simply had to be withdrawn by pulling from the channel.