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Cleaning Rod MkII

Cleaning Rod MkII

Weapon Specification
Date of Approval 23rd June 1876
Length 32.75"
Weapon Overview

On 23rd June 1876, the sucess of the Mk1 converted rod led to a new design. The Mk2 cleaning rog was a complete re-design. The centre of the rod had a pronounced swell,  in which a annular ring circumvented to 5/6ths of the diameter. The  raised cam being protected by the swell. To remove the rod it required a turn to to cam to push the rod clear of the nose cap rod holder.

The rod could fit down the bore as a rammer, and the funnel shaped head had a dished end to prevent damage to the firing pin when used to remove a jammed cartridge.

The Mk2 rod was consistent in design for the Mk2 and Mk3 rifle until 1894.