Bayonet Sword Elcho Pattern 1871
Bayonet Sword Elcho Pattern 1871

Bayonet Sword Elcho Pattern 1871

Weapon Specification
Date of Approval 3rd June 1871
Length 25.25" (641mm)
Weapon Overview

In 1870 a radical design of sword bayonet was offered for trial, designed by Lord Elcho. The blade was a heavy bulbous pattern and was designed as a multi purpose tool for chopping and cutting. Approved on 3rd June 1871, and met with favourable results. The cost of this bayonet was considered too costly and it was not adopted. The black leather scabbard was steel mounted.

Evidence suggests the blades were made by Solingem, "S.G" under contract for Enfield

In 1874, 100 examples were made at Enfield for tests with the 1st 60th Rifles, however it wa decided to progress with the bushing of the pattern 1860 Yataghan bayonets in store and the Elcho project was discontinued.

Later replicas of this Bayonet were produced in the C20th by Alex Coppel (weighing scales t.m.) and are not considered rare, beware of Bayonets with the manufacturing markings obliterated,