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Auxiliary Sight Aiming
Auxiliary Sight Aiming Auxiliary Sight Aiming

Auxiliary Sight Aiming

Weapon Specification
Date of Approval 26th March 1878
Weapon Overview

Introduced in LOC §3336, 26th March 1878. The Auxilliary sight allowed a musketry instructor to see a direct line of sight with that of his student by standing to his right hand rear, the sight consisted of a Auxilliary Front sight and Back sight set. 

The front sight consisted of a hinged stem fitted to a muzzle ring, the ring was then secured via a thumb turn tighteneing it to the muzzle, with a slot locating it precisely to the barrels sight block. A circular nut, profiled to the fore sight barley corn, could then be screwed up and down the threaded stem to align with the rear sight.

The rear sight calmped upon the sight ladder slider of the rifle and gave direct correlation to the riflemans line of sight and elevation. 

The official list of change explains how it was to be operated " In using these sights, they are, after being secured to the rifle, adjusted so that the lines of sight by the rifle sights and by the auxiliary sights agree. One person may then look along the auxiliary sights and observe how the rifle is aimed by another who uses the rifle sights in the ordinary manner".