Martini Metford Artillery Carbine MkIII

Martini Metford Artillery Carbine MkIII

Weapon Specification
Calibre Calibre .303” Metford
Date of Approval Pattern Sealed 9th March 1894
Length Length 37.3” (94.7cm)
Weight Weight 7lb 4oz
Weapon Overview


Conversion from Martin Henry MkIII Rifle

The carbine was made from MkIII rifles withdrawn from  Militia service, a new purpose made Metford rifled barrel was fitted,  Sighting was 2000 yards.The bayonet fitting is the “rigby”pattern and is designed to accept the P1888 sword bayonet, the single part forend is fixed via a hook plate into the receiver. Clearing rod is the type as the MM R1.

Receiver markings are left hand  III


27,000 from Enfield

4000 from LSA Co

6000 from BSA Co, contract carried out by the HRB Co