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Martini Enfield Artillery Carbine MkII

Martini Enfield Artillery Carbine MkII

Weapon Specification
Calibre Calibre .303” Enfield
Date of Approval Pattern Sealed 16th December 1897 & 7th May 1899
Length 37.34" (95cm)
Weight 7lb 2oz
Weapon Overview


Conversion from Martin Henry IC1 Artillery carbine

Production of the carbine was based upon the MKIII Martini rifle and existing  .450” IC1  carbine, the early pattern having the front of the receiver chamfered, and the forend wood reduced to suit. The MkII* was introduced on the same day as the ME AC1*, this pattern with the clearing rod abolished. A new purpose made Enfield rifled barrel was fitted a capital “E” stamped upon the knocksform to denote that form of rifling. Sighting was 2000 yards. A purpose made .303” breech block was installed.

The bayonet fitting is the “rigby”pattern and is designed to accept the P1888 sword bayonet,  the single part forend is fixed via a hook plate into the receiver.

In 1897 the clearing rod was abolished and the M.E.A.C.II* has not hole or rod channel.

Receiver markings are left hand are III or IC1 & date. Right hand M.E.ACII *.