Martini Henry Blank  Rounds
Martini Henry Blank  Rounds

Martini Henry Blank Rounds

Weapon Specification
Date of Approval 3rd August 1862
Weapon Overview

Each infantryman was expected to train using blank cartridges with a minimum of 40 rounds per annum, both in drill and in field exercises. The Martini Henry shared the same chamber sizes as the .577” Snider, so blank rounds were interchangeable between the arms. The first official Blank cartridge issued in the lifetime of the Martini Henry was the MkIV, A rolled boxer brass cartridge with a brown card outer. The top crimped over. Later MkIV blank rounds were manufactured from obsolete MkI & MkIV boxer cartridges. The ends crimped over. Blank cartridges were filled with up to 72 grains of powder.