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Carbine Cavalry 1876 Trials Pattern
On the 6th June 1876, a New pattern Cavarly Carbine was built at Enfield,after five previous samp..
IC1 Cavalry Carbine
24th Sept 1877. LOC 3215 as “As Arms Interchangeable, Carbine Breech loading Rifled, with clearin..
Martini Henry Mk1 1st & 2nd Pattern Rifle
The Martini Henry Mk1 Service rifle can be described as having three phases, as it was not offica..
Martini Metford Artillery Carbine MkII
The Carbine Artillery Martini Metford MkI was a conversion from Martini Henry IC1 Artillery ..
Tube Aiming Morris
  The Army and Navy accepted a Sub calibre conversion  for the Martini Henry on 14 ..
Understanding Receiver Markings
Top:  Queens Royal Cypher  (Queens Crown) 2nd Top: Victoria Regina.  Queen Vic..
IC1 Artillery Carbine
A revised Carbine model, was offered by Enfield in Jan 1878, for the use of Garrison and Field Ar..
Martini Henry Rifle Mk1 3rd Pattern
The Martini Henry Mk1 3rd (apporved)  pattern was the standard issue firearm between 1874-18..
Martini Metford Artillery Carbine MkIII
  Conversion from Martin Henry MkIII Rifle The carbine was made from MkIII rifles wi..
Martini Henry MKII Carbine
With the large scale introduction of the Martini Henry rifle in 1886 to the Militia and Volunteer..
Martini Henry Rifle Mk1-Mk II Upgrade
26th Jan 1876 a conference at the War office met to discuss the potential upgrades to the MkI Mar..
Martini Metford Cavalry Carbine MkI
  Conversion from Martini Henry IC1 Cavalry carbine. The Martini Metford  Caval..
Martini Henry Artillery Carbine MkIII
Rarely seen the Martini Henry Artillery Carbine MkIII was originally to be a conversion of Existi..
Martini Henry Rifle MkII
With its official adoption on the 27 April 1877, the Martini Henry MkII was to become the most nu..
Martini Metford Cavalry Carbine MkII
  Conversion from Martini Henry IC1 Artillery Carbine. Originally  made without..