Martini Henry Rifle

Martini Henry Long Chamber 1869 Troop Trial Rifle .450"
Trials of the embryonic Martini Henry rifle began to take place in 1869,with this pattern, firing..
Martini Henry Mk1 1st & 2nd Pattern Rifle
The Martini Henry Mk1 Service rifle can be described as having three phases, as it was not offica..
Martini Henry Rifle Mk1 3rd Pattern
The Martini Henry Mk1 3rd (apporved)  pattern was the standard issue firearm between 1874-18..
Martini Henry Rifle Mk1-Mk II Upgrade
26th Jan 1876 a conference at the War office met to discuss the potential upgrades to the MkI Mar..
Martini Henry Rifle MkII
With its official adoption on the 27 April 1877, the Martini Henry MkII was to become the most nu..
Martini Henry Rifle MkIII
During the development of the Martini Henry IC1 carbine, the RSAF decided to utilize the same com..
Enfield Martini .402" Mk1 Rifle Pattern A
  On the 2nd November 1880, the small arms committee had met to consider various pot..
Enfield Martini .402" Mk1 Rifle Pattern B
Enfield Martini Pattern B Whilst the 1000 Enfield Martini's were in its experimental trials, ..
Martini Henry .450" MkIV Pattern A
On 15th Sept 1887, the first conversion was offered and the sealed pattern laid of the new MkIV r..
Martini Henry Rifle MkIV Pattern B & C
With the decision to make general issue of the Martini Henry MKII & MkIII to the militia and ..
Martini Henry Rifle MkV (Martini Metford Mk1)
The Martini Metford Mk1 was originally sealed as the Martini Henry MkV in .303” Calibre on the 30..
Martini Henry Rifle MkVI (Martini Metford MkII)
The MkV1 rifle was the last of the official Martini Henry arms to be given the M-H title. However..
Martini Enfield Rifle MkI
  Converted from MKIII mother rifle, the barrel length was the same as the Lee Enfield M..
Martini Enfield Rifle MkII
  Converted from MKII mother rifle, the model has the long cocking indicator and the for..
  Converted from MKII mother rifle, the model has the long cocking indicator and the for..