Bayonet 1869 RIC pattern Trials model
It was decided in April 1869 that 200 rifles Martini rifles were to be manufactured at Enfield to be..
Bayonet Carbine 1869/1899 RIC pattern
In 1903, a large quantity of Royal Irish Constabulary Snider bayonets had been supplied from Enfiel..
Bayonet Sword Elcho Pattern 1871
In 1870 a radical design of sword bayonet was offered for trial, designed by Lord Elcho. The blad..
Bayonet Pattern 53/74 socket
Introduced in List of Change 2659, the Pattern 53/74 was a conversion of the exiting .577" calibr..
Bayonet Pattern 1875 Sword Bayonet Mk1
During 1875 the RSAF extensively trailled a proposed pattern sword bayonet for issue to other ran..
Bayonet Sword with Cutlass Guard
Approved in List Of Change 2713, the Cutlass bayonet was manufactured for the Royal Navy, convert..
Bayonet Yataghan bushed Pattern 1860
In the absence of an approved sword bayonet at the time of general issue of the Martini Henry, Th..
Bayonet Common socket Pattern 1876
The 22" Common socket bayonet was named the "Lunger" by the soldiers. Triangular in shape, the ba..
Bayonet Artillery Pattern1879 Sawback
Introduced in List of Change 3615, with the Martini Henry IC1 Artillery carbine. the 25.75" blade..
Bayonet Enfield- Martini experimental P1885 Sword Pattern 1
With the ongoing experiments of the Enfield Martini pattern A .402 rifle,In 1885 a new radical de..
Bayonet Enfield Martini Experimental 1885 second pattern
The Enfield Martini rifle pattern B utilised the traditional side mounting bayonet band. As a res..
Bayonet Sword Pattern1887 MKII-MkIII
Despite the fact that in 1875 the War office decided not to adopt the sword bayonet, the British ..
Bayonet Sword pattern 1887 MkI & MkIV
The MkI sword bayonet was introduced 1887, In 1891, the existing Enfield Martini experimental ba..
Bayonet Martini EnfieldTriangular 1895
During June 1894, the ongoing trials of the new Martini Enfield .303” rifle opened up the questio..
Bayonet Sword Pattern 1893 Canadian Contract
Especially made by Wilkinson, to suit the Martini Metford MKII rifles odered by Canada, Only 1001..