Historic Martini Henry Ammunition
I couldn't resist showing some images of Martini Henry cases from some historical battlefields.&n..
MkV ammunition boxes
There has been so much controversial anecdotes that surround the MkV ammunition box,particularly its..
Rifle Ammunition Boxer MkIII
  During the field trials between 1872 and 1873 of the short Chamber Martini Henry rifle..
MkI & MkII Solid Drawn Rifle Cartridge
On the 27th March 1885, Production at Woolwich of the .577/450” cartridge in the solid drawn meth..
MkIII  Boxer Carbine Ammunition
The Martini Henry carbine, Interchangeable Mk1 was approved in Sept 1877. Parallel with the adopt..
Martini Henry Blank  Rounds
Each infantryman was expected to train using blank cartridges with a minimum of 40 rounds per ann..
Martini Henry Buckshot Rounds
The MkII Martini Henry buckshot cartridge was introduced in LoC  4868 on the 3rd November 18..
Cartridge Solid Drawn .402" Experimental
In 1881, the War Office began to trial a new calibre of Martini Rifle in .402". The case was manu..
Cartridge Morris .232
With the introduction of the Morris Sub Calibre aiming tube in Nov 1883, a special ammunition was..
Cartridge Ball .303 MkII
In 1888 with the trials and adoption of the Magazine Lee Metford Mk1 rifle, a new .303" calibre c..
Ammunition Packets & weight information
Here is the original 1877 weight information chart for Martini Henry and Snider ammunition. Click..