Regimental Stock  Marks
Regimental Stock  Marks Regimental Stock  Marks

Regimental Stock Marks

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The Regimental markings  on the stocks  of  Martini Henrys can be classified into two categories Pre 1881 and Post 1881.  the numbering system was then anotated with the rack number of a specific gun. Each rifle was issued to an individual soldier and this rifle would be recorded in the regimental paybook specifically to that soldier. 

This Martini MkII belonged to the 87th Foot (Royal Irish Fusiliers), the rack number is 857.   

Until 1881 most British regiments operated under a regimental numerical code, i.e 24  which  would be the 24th Regiment of Foot (2nd Warwickshire). In 1881 the Cardwell Reforms re-desingated these codes to "Area" codes, such that the 24th Foot became the South Wales Borderers, with a new designation of S.W.B., and the 80th Regiment of Foot (Staffordshire Volunteers) to South Staffordshire Regiment S.T.F.

The second image is "W.Y" West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own). formerly the 14th Regiment of Foot, a post Cardwell re-name, rifle rack number is 474

When a rifle was returned to stores, these markings were "obliterated" by scoring through the mark, and the new regimental number was added after issue, in 1891, the regimental markings on the wood, was replaced by a removable brass stock  disc, however colonial markings remamained as a stamping in the wood.